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A specialized assessment tool*

EPiHC endeavors to offer its signatories: 

  • Free access to a comprehensive self assessment tool for signatories to understanding the current level of implementation of the 10 ethical principles in their organizations
  • A platform allowing each signatory to identify gaps and opportunities of their own approach and to review their own progress

*Launching early 2024

Tailored resources and trainings

EPiHC offers you an access to a plethora of tailored resources: 

  • World-class trainings from healthcare experts, advocates and associations worldwide
  • EPiHC Resource Library offers blueprints for replicating the ethical successes of its signatories and other experts
  • Member-only events: a quarterly meeting to promote knowledge sharing and the sense of community among the signatories
  • Our quarterly newsletter and news and insights section keeps you updated with what’s happening with ethics in healthcare

Global visibility and networking

EPiHC creates opportunities for signatories to: 

  • Connect, collaborate and network through the online EPiHC community or in-person events like the recently concluded IFC healthcare conference in Cape Town
  • Participate and drive the agenda on a theme of their choice through Thematic Task Groups
  • Empowers member engagement and collaborative impact by providing a platform for sharing knowledge and best practices