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EPiHC is a set of ten fundamental principles to be shared across the health care ecosystem—from front line providers to top leadership—adding welcome clarity to the decisions, transactions, practices, and encounters that affect every aspect of health care services.


Health care organizations across the globe navigate a complex, always-changing landscape. Ethical and responsible conduct is necessary for the achievement of global health goals and is also an important element of performance and risk management.


EPiHC helps organizations make a stronger contribution to the lives of their patients, their staff, the environment, and the communities they serve. EPiHC is both a compass to help health care organizations navigate complex situations and decision making, and a forum for stakeholders to discuss common challenges and solutions.

Making Ethics the Business of Health Care

On March 27, 2019, IFC unveiled EPiHC—a broadly applicable set of guidelines to promote ethical conduct and support daily decision making in the health sector.

Today, EPiHC has 223 Signatories.

EPiHC is a global initiative whose signatories together own or manage over 5,600 healthcare facilities in more than 90 countries.
A doctor in green administers care to a baby in a room where many women and babies are sitting.
“In times of fundamental change, trust and values are even more important, especially in the health sector. The ten ethical principles are a concise and practical guide for private sector health providers to do the right thing in the best way to ensure access to quality, affordable healthcare for all.”
Dr. Muhammad Ali Pate
Global Director for Health, Nutrition and Population, World Bank

Become a Signatory

We invite health care organizations and investors to adopt EPiHC. For some organizations, becoming an EPiHC signatory will represent a first step toward codifying such principles. For others, EPiHC will complement existing corporate codes and statements.

Nominate an Organization

If you know of a health care organization or investor that might be interested in becoming an EPiHC signatory, please nominate them.