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Preventing Discrimination in the Workplace: Baheya Hospital's Commitment to Equality

Picture of the Baheya Hospital Building

Baheya Hospital for Breast Cancer is renowned for its exceptional medical care and its unwavering commitment to fostering a workplace environment free from discrimination. Discrimination in the workplace can have detrimental effects on employee morale, productivity, and overall well-being. Recognizing the importance of creating an inclusive and respectful workplace, Baheya Hospital has implemented various strategies to prevent discrimination and promote equality among its staff which they considered a best practice in most successful healthcare organizations 

1. Comprehensive Policies and Training Programs: 

Baheya Hospital has established comprehensive anti-discrimination policies that explicitly prohibit discrimination based on factors such as race, gender, age, religion, or disability. These policies are communicated clearly to all employees and are strictly enforced. Additionally, the hospital provides regular training programs to educate staff members about the importance of diversity and inclusion, as well as how to identify and address discriminatory behavior effectively.

2. Zero-Tolerance Approach: 

Baheya Hospital maintains a zero-tolerance approach towards discrimination of any kind. Employees are encouraged to report any instances of discrimination they witness or experience and robust mechanisms are in place to investigate and address complaints promptly and impartially. By taking swift and decisive action against discriminatory behavior, the hospital sends a strong message that such conduct will not be tolerated within its workplace culture. 

3. Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion: 

Baheya Hospital celebrates diversity and actively promotes an inclusive work environment where all employees feel valued and respected. The hospital encourages diversity not only in terms of demographics but also in perspectives, experiences, and ideas. By fostering a culture of inclusion, Baheya Hospital harnesses the collective strengths of its diverse workforce to better serve its patients and achieve its organizational goals. In the employee's contract, there is no indication regarding religion as religion was not included in any selective criteria in Baheya Hospital. 

4. Supportive Resources and Channels for Employees: 

In addition to its anti-discrimination policies and training programs, Baheya Hospital provides various resources and channels for employees to seek support and guidance. This includes access to counselling services, employee assistance programs, and confidential avenues for reporting discrimination or seeking advice on workplace-related issues. By offering these supportive resources, the hospital ensures that employees feel empowered to address any concerns they may have safely and confidentially. 

5. Leadership Commitment and Accountability: 

At Baheya Hospital, leadership plays a crucial role in upholding the values of equality and non-discrimination. Hospital executives and managers lead by example, demonstrating a firm commitment to fostering a respectful and inclusive workplace culture. They are held accountable for promoting diversity and addressing any instances of discrimination that may arise within their teams. By prioritizing equality at all levels of the organization, Baheya Hospital sets the tone for its entire workforce to follow. 


Empowering Women at Baheya Hospital: A Model for Gender Equality in Healthcare 

Baheya Hospital, located in Egypt, has been making significant strides in empowering its women staff, setting a remarkable example for gender equality in the healthcare sector. Founded in 2015, Baheya Hospital specializes in breast cancer treatment, offering comprehensive care and support to women battling this disease. However, its commitment to women's empowerment goes beyond patient care, extending to its workforce. 

1. Leadership Opportunities: 

One of the keyways Baheya Hospital empowers its women staff is by providing leadership opportunities. Women are actively encouraged to pursue leadership roles, from department heads to managerial positions. By breaking through traditional gender barriers, Baheya Hospital is fostering a culture of inclusivity and empowerment. The human resource sector inside Baheya believes that women can lead multiple positions inside Baheya exclusively for women like Mammogram technicians, psychological support teams Public Relations teams and Patient Relations teams. etc. and also, there are Multiple leadership positions occupied by Women at Baheya Hospital. 

Baheya Policies for Women Empowerment has significantly enhanced talent acquisition and retention by fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment. It has attracted highly skilled female professionals who bring unique perspectives and expertise to leadership roles, contributing to the hospital's success and reputation in the healthcare industry. Additionally, by showcasing opportunities for career advancement regardless of gender, the policy has boosted employee morale and loyalty, resulting in lower turnover rates and increased productivity. Similarly, other initiatives aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion have yielded similar positive outcomes across various departments within the hospital. The percentage of female managers increased from 10% before the policy was implemented to 40% after the policy implementation and the women represent 55 % of total manpower inside Baheya Hospital. 

2. Professional Development: 

Baheya Hospital invests in the professional development of its female employees, offering training programs, workshops, and agreements with universities and education institutes to facilitate continuing education opportunities. By equipping women with the necessary skills and knowledge, the hospital ensures they have the tools to succeed and advance in their careers. 

3. Mentorship and Support: 

The hospital places great emphasis on mentorship and support for its women staff. Experienced leaders mentor younger professionals, providing guidance, encouragement, and advice. This mentorship not only helps women navigate their careers but also fosters a sense of community and solidarity within the organization. 

4. Work-Life Balance: 

Recognizing the importance of work-life balance, Baheya Hospital implements policies and initiatives to support its women staff in managing their professional and personal lives effectively. Flexible working arrangements, childcare support, and wellness programs contribute to creating a supportive environment where women can thrive both at work and at home. In Baheya Hospital, we adhere to all laws, foremost among them are Labor Law No. 12 of 2003 and Social Insurance Law No. 148 of 2019. These legal provisions enable women to have a conducive environment for a sense of belonging and continuity. Laws are diverse and evolving; for instance, maternity leave was initially granted only twice, but the law was amended to include the third child. Moreover, the legislator mandated one hour per day for breastfeeding, regardless of attendance or departure exceptions, allowing mothers to care for their infants. Additionally, there is a comprehensive list of women's employment regulations displayed on the hospital's bulletin board, bearing the republic's emblem, to ensure that women working at Baheya Hospital are aware of their rights. As we always say and mean wholeheartedly, Baheya is the foremost destination for women. We continually strive to achieve these policies and objectives. The recent employee satisfaction survey implemented after the implementation of the policy revealed that 89 % of the participants agreed that their affiliation with Baheya motivates and encourages them to contribute and participate more than required and 94% of participants agreed that they are aware of Baheya’s cultural values and strategic goals, and there is mutual respect and cooperation between the team and their manager, according to 94% of participants so overall satisfaction represents 75% of all employees. These results reflect positively in the attrition rate which was 2.3% in 2023.  

5. Gender-sensitive Policies: 

Baheya Hospital has implemented gender-sensitive policies to ensure a fair and inclusive workplace for all employees. These policies address equal pay, promotion opportunities, and protection against discrimination and harassment. By actively promoting gender equality, the hospital sets a standard for other organizations to follow. 

6. Advocacy and Awareness: 

In addition to empowering its staff, Baheya Hospital is actively involved in advocacy and awareness initiatives to promote women's empowerment in the broader community. Through educational campaigns, outreach programs, and partnerships with local organizations, the hospital strives to empower women beyond its walls, spreading a message of empowerment and equality. 

7. Recognition and Celebration: 

Baheya Hospital celebrates the achievements and contributions of its women staff, providing recognition and opportunities for advancement. By acknowledging their accomplishments, the hospital reinforces a culture of appreciation and empowerment, motivating women to continue excelling in their careers. 


In conclusion, Baheya Hospital serves as a shining example of how organizations can empower women in the workplace. By providing leadership opportunities, professional development, mentorship, work-life balance support, gender-sensitive policies, advocacy, and recognition, the hospital creates an environment where women can thrive and succeed. As we continue to strive for gender equality in all sectors, Baheya Hospital stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration for the future of women's empowerment in healthcare and beyond. Baheya Hospital for Breast Cancer stands as a beacon of excellence not only in medical care but also in its dedication to preventing discrimination and promoting equality in the workplace. Through comprehensive policies, training programs, a zero-tolerance approach, promotion of diversity and inclusion, supportive resources, and leadership commitment, Baheya Hospital creates an environment where every employee can thrive and contribute their best efforts towards the common goal of providing exceptional care to breast cancer patients.