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The Evercare Group becomes an EPiHC signatory, demonstrating its commitment to sustainable, ethical healthcare services in emerging markets

Evercare is now a member of Ethical Principles in Health Care (EPiHC), a global benchmark to embed ethical principles into healthcare operations
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The Evercare Group, a leading impact investment group owned by The Evercare Fund, is now a member of the Ethical Principles in Health Care (EPiHC), a global set of guidelines to help groups to build transparent, resilient health systems through a set of shared principles that promote ethical decision making and behaviour throughout their organisations.

Evercare joins 175 signatories, including private healthcare providers, payors, investors and their respective associations. Together with their subsidiaries, partners, and other associated companies, the signatories represent more than 4,000 healthcare facilities in over 70 countries. The principles, created by the World Bank and International Finance Corporation (IFC) set out pragmatic and universally applicable values to help private sector healthcare providers build transparent and resilient operating systems that meet the highest ethical principles.

Massimiliano Colella, CEO of the Evercare Group said of the signing: “We are both a healthcare investor and a hospital operator, with a vision to transform the quality of healthcare in key markets within Africa and South Asia.  To do this we need an approach that is sustainable and ethical and EPiHC supports, and adds to, our own framework. As an impact driven organization, integrity is core to our success, and we will continue to implement governance models that positively impact our patients and our caregivers.”

Together with 11,000 employees, the group’s portfolio currently includes 30 hospitals, 16 clinics and more than 80 diagnostics centres across six countries.

“Evercare is an impact driven healthcare group with an emphasis on bringing quality care to traditionally underserved communities, while achieving measurable and sustainable financial returns for shareholders. In order to have the greatest impact, adherence to ethical corporate governance across our markets is essential. Ensuring an ethical delivery of the provision of healthcare is integrated in all we do,” commented Bart Wilms, General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer and Head of Impact, Evercare Group.

''Becoming a signatory of the EPiHC is a natural progression in our journey, as we seek to provide benchmark ourselves amongst the world’s best for our patients and build respectful workplaces where caregivers see us an employer of choice,'' Colella added.

Elena Sterlin, IFC’s Global Head of Health and Education said: “We are very pleased to welcome the Evercare Group to the EPiHC community. Evercare’s commitment to conducting business in a transparent and ethical way embodies the EPiHC principles and we are proud that they have joined this important initiative.”

About the Evercare Group

The Evercare Group believes access to healthcare is a fundamental right and invests in emerging markets to bring private, quality-driven healthcare to meet the needs of local people.

The Group operates as an integrated healthcare delivery platform in emerging markets across Africa and South Asia, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kenya and Nigeria.

The Group’s portfolio includes 30 hospitals, 16 clinics and more than 80 diagnostics centres.  Evercare is proud to be the most diverse healthcare group in the countries it operates in with 11,000 caregivers working together to develop a systemic healthcare change in emerging markets.

Evercare is wholly owned by the Evercare Health Fund, a US $1bn emerging markets healthcare fund managed by TPG and backed by its global impact investing platform TPG Rise. The Evercare Health Fund is comprised of the world’s leading impact investors and global development finance institutions.

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Operations Officer, EPiHC
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